• In an effort to make its General Assemblies greener, the EGU has implemented several initiatives over the years. However, the main source of CO2 emissions has always been attendee travel to Vienna, and vEGU21 saved about 25,000 tCO2 by being a fully virtual conference. From 2022, virtual participation in the General Assembly will be enabled, giving participants the choice of attending either physically – with the EGU offsetting their carbon footprint – or virtually from home. This innovative solution will expand the opportunities for establishing interaction and scientific exchange.
  • The EGU has fostered improving the accessibility and the inclusiveness of its General Assemblies. Our experiences of the last 2 years have taught us that a virtual conference can be more accessible and more inclusive than an in-person conference, therefore strengthening diversity, which is an essential ingredient for scientific progress. The registration fee waivers for virtual participation for scientists from lower/lower-middle income countries and for undergraduate and MSc students allowed large new groups to participate in the General Assembly. The virtual discussions, in particular the text chats, proved to be much more inclusive than more traditional formats of feedback, with respect to gender, career stage, or native language.
  • The EGU strongly promotes the equal importance of all scientific presentations at its General Assemblies, independent of format; see our statement on scientific presentations at the EGU General Assembly. The EGU makes no distinction regarding the standing, quality, or prestige of oral, poster, or PICO presentations. During the virtual meetings of 2020 and 2021, we experimented successfully with new ways of presenting results, and the community has enjoyed outstanding virtual presentations. In 2022, the virtual part of the EGU General Assembly will foster the advantage of equal presentation formats.
  • The EGU in-person General Assemblies have always had the strength of networking: the community met in person, discussions were fostered, dedicated networking breaks were implemented, and many receptions allowed a casual exchange between participants from all around the world. Personal contacts are reduced in virtual meetings. In 2022, the EGU aims to provide again an on-site experience for those attending physically, while at the same time further developing our online networking tools to include virtual attendees as much as possible.
  • EGU22 will thus be a hybrid conference with a virtual component where everybody is welcome, in person or online! The structure of the conference will be flexible, giving us the opportunity to easily adapt to the still uncertain global context.

Disciplinary, inter- and transdisciplinary sessions

  • All scientific sessions offer the possibility of uploading presentation materials during a 2-month period starting 1 month prior to the General Assembly. Besides presentation materials (*.pdf, *.ppt/pptx, *.pps/ppsx, *.png, or *.mp4 file), authors can additionally provide a pre-recorded presentation that will be housed on the Copernicus Vimeo channel. During this 2-month period, uploaded files are accessible to registered conference attendees. If authors opt for the open-access Creative Commons Attribution License (CC BY), their presentation materials subsequently become openly accessible to everyone through EGUsphere.
  • For all uploaded presentation materials, authors can opt to allow comments. The community can then comment on presentations during a 2-month period starting 1 month prior to the General Assembly. As for the uploaded files, commenting is only accessible to registered conference attendees during this period.
  • Regarding the session formats during the General Assembly week, conveners can request at session proposal to have (a) physical oral/poster sessions with an optional hybrid component or (b) fully hybrid vPICO sessions.
  • Oral/poster sessions will include on-site oral presentations in a lecture room accompanied by poster sessions in the poster halls, with physical posters set up at numbered poster boards. In addition to the oral and poster presentation blocks, these sessions will optionally include a new online discussion time block in which both oral and poster presenters are provided the opportunity to discuss their material and interact with the virtual audience online.
  • The new EGU hybrid session format will combine the well-established on-site PICO concept and the vPICO concept experimented with at vEGU21, which will offer the opportunity to address a truly worldwide and diverse audience. The 2-minute presentations will be hosted on an online platform so that virtual attendees can fully participate. The individual discussions with the authors afterwards will be accommodated both physically in Vienna as well as through an online text chat.

Union-wide sessions

  • Union Symposia, Great Debates and Union Medal and Award Lectures will take place in lecture rooms inside the conference centre. These sessions will be live-streamed so that virtual attendees can follow them in real time. Recordings from these sessions will be available for on-demand viewing by registered conference attendees during and after the General Assembly.
  • Short courses will be mainly organized in lecture rooms inside the conference centre. We aim to have some short courses pre-recorded and run virtually; these will also be available for on-demand viewing by registered conference attendees.