The EGU Programme Committee and EDI working group are delighted to be able to offer all EGU22 participants an opportunity to watch the documentary film 'The Leadership' directed by Ile Baré.

The movie will be available to view online between Monday 23 May 09:00 CEST until Monday 06 June 09:00 CEST.

Before you click the link to claim your ticket to stream 'The Leadership', please consider watching this online trailer:
If you enjoyed the trailer and now want to watch the entire film then make sure you choose a good time to stream the movie as it will last approximately 1h 30mins and cannot be revisited at a later date due to limited ticket numbers.

Please be aware this film contains occasional strong language and discusses issues that some viewers may find distressing.
So if you are now ready to watch The Leadership please proceed to take your ticket for the film.

We hope you enjoy it.

Take your ticket here

For more information on The Leadership and the accompanying Impact Campaign go to

Your feedback is critical to assess the impact of the film. The following survey should take less than 5 minutes to complete: The Leadership Survey